Picture: A Twisted Wonderland in Ibiza!!!
A Twisted Wonderland in Ibiza!!!

Twisted's Alice in Wonderland goes on tour for the Summer!!!

After the phenomenal success of launching our very own award winning Twisted's Alice in Wonderland we are delighted to announce we are going on tour in Europe starting with a full season's residency in the crazy and eccentric world of Ibiza.

Head Honcho, Managing Director and creative, Aimee O'Neil spent many months researching, developing and choreographing what has been accredited the best intepretation of 'Alice in Wonderland' to have ever been seen in the nightlife and nightclub related industries.

All costumes are of a movie / west end show standard and the specific mix of actors, dancers, circus performers and specialist acts have all been personally handpicked and casted by Aimee herself to ensure nothing but the best for this classic story so dear to millions of hearts through-out the world.

Coincidently, Aimee was not initially aware that Tim Burton would be remaking the film 'Alice in Wonderland' so the launch of our new Twisted show was postponed slightly to coincide with the crazy, eccentric and fabulous remake and launch of the film itself.

A genius decision as the style of the film and the style of Twisted's very own show and production were somewhat closely matched!  We're not sure what this says about our own Managing Director, other then it does directly confirm what we all suspected for a considerable length of time, she may be cute, she may be in fact incredibly gorgeous, she may well be just a little 'bit' feisty, but she is in fact now 100% mad and we love it!


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